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Acupuncture and Change: How Acupuncture Can Help Ease Transitions

A couple of years ago there was an article in Zoonooz, the San Diego Zoo magazine, about animals and depression.  The research study found that animals that had predictable environments, like those in a zoo, experiencing the same time, schedules, food, climate, and so fourth, suffered from various physical and emotional health issues.  The predictable environment of these animals was unhealthy and causing behavioral disorders. How did they solve these issues?  They learned that by adding in unpredictable elements, changing routines, and introducing the animals to new objects and games, these issues went away. (Another reason to love the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park--they care!)

Can we relate to this study? Recently, due to all of the change in the world, we have been faced with changed routines, new guidelines for behavior, unpredictable environments, and new ways of coexisting. While this time has certainly brought challenge, hardship and difficulty, it has also brought more people bike riding with their families, more people enjoying nature together, new exercise routines, new ways of approaching old problems, creativity, reassessment of how to live a happy, relaxed life, and so much more!

Our clinic has seen many changes over the past several months, and will continue to grow, adapt and evolve to the ever-changing world we live in. Life is change after all!  

So how do we face these changes?  How do we use our voice in kind loving ways while getting our point across?  How do we work for peace and harmony in our lives if we are feeling frustrated, angry, upset? How do we go through the phases of life while maintaining balance, equilibrium and some sense of security and safety?

On a physical level, we have our miraculous bodies that are always in a state of restoration and healing.  The body is always working towards equilibrium, or homeostasis.  Emotionally, we have our mind that we can soothe through relaxing our senses and giving them positive input--good smells, nourishing foods, beautiful music, loving touch, time with pets, friends and family, taking in natural beauty and art and enjoying uplifting literature and movies. Spiritually, we can connect with our faith (whether it's Family, God, Self, Friends, The Universe) whatever we have faith in that enriches us and gives us strength to move forward and adapt to change.

Routine and structure still have their place in maintaining a relaxed life.  Some sense of familiarity and predictability is essential to feeling relaxed and safe, so setting up routines and structuring our days to include a balance between work, rest and play is necessary to a happy and healthy life.  We are a diverse group of people so our needs when it comes to structure and stability will most likely be different than others. We can take time to discover where our comfort zones are as individuals and share these needs, in loving ways, with those around us.

And, as always, Acupuncture has healing solutions!  Acupuncture Therapy has a series of Meridians or Vessels (energy pathways) that run throughout the body called the Extraordinary Vessels.  These are different from the 12 main Meridians typically used in treatments.  These Extraordinary Vessels help activate energy to ease life transitions, aging and adapting to the new, unknown or unfamiliar, and can address deeper emotional issues as well.  Two of these are specific to aging and adapting to new stages of life: the Yang Wei and the Yin Wei, or 'Linking Vessels'.  These Vessels link time and space in our lives.  The Yang Wei helps us move ahead in life, so while we may feel like turning around from a new direction or dragging our feet to make a change, points on this channel give us energy to move forward.  The Yin Wei energy helps free us from feeling trapped in a time in our life. If you find yourself always returning to a time "when life was good" this is a good series of points to help you move into the present time and experience life happily in the present moment. Whether it's a plan, decision, courage or calm that you need, this series of Vessels and the coupled Acupoints can help relieve some of the discomfort that comes with change and adaptation.

Herbal Remedies, Massage and Reiki are all helpful additions to your Acupuncture Therapy and can help ease your transitions as well. This is why we have added them on to our services menu for you.

We are opening up more clinic hours in the next coming weeks to see all of you and help spread positive vibrations, kindness and healing to everyone! Stay tuned for Summer Hours 2020.

Happy Healing San Diego!

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