Our Specialties

Hillcrest Community Acupuncture promotes holistic healing through a variety of treatments and services. We believe in using all of the tools natural medicine has to offer and find that when several modalities are used together healing happens at a faster rate. Read below to see what we offer and how we can help you with your health goals.



Relax in our soothing atmosphere and receive a gentle, safe acupuncture treatment from our licensed acupuncturists. Your treatment is enhanced by essential oil aromatherapy, relaxed lighting, purified-ionized air and healing soundscapes. The community setting is supportive and nurturing. You will find yourself slipping into a lovely state of deep relaxation and healing and emerge refreshed.
30-90 minutes. $30-50 sliding scale.


Tight neck? Achey shoulder muscles? If you want fast relief, Gua Sha is the answer! Organic coconut oil is massaged across the neck and shoulders relieving tension and stress while a small round instrument is brushed against the skin to enhance circulation and release knots and tight muscles.
10 minutes. $15.


Our massage technique is designed to help you feel relaxed, energized and flexible. Healing acupressure, gentle pressing, reflexology and stretching techniques are used to increase circulation, relieve pain and restore joint function. Clients wear loose clothing and lay on a table while receiving this invigorating and relaxing treatment.
20 minutes. $30.



Our Cupping Therapy treatment helps reduce inflammation, clears toxicity, relaxes tense back and shoulder muscles, balances the digestive system and is widely used for asthma and other respiratory ailments. Each treatment includes light pressing on areas of the back, organic coconut oil application and placement of several glass cups that create a vacuum effect on the back. Book today to experience the deep healing of cupping.
25 minutes. $40.


Reiki is a gentle healing art that addresses our physical and emotional selves. This is a wonderful choice for removing pain and letting go of unwanted emotional patterns.  This is a touch-free therapy where the practitioner stands at various areas around the body and transmits healing energy. You will leave your session feeling light, free, relaxed and refreshed.
20 Minutes. $30.


Tight Jaws and tense facial muscles can lead to discomfort and pain. An Acupuncture Facial is designed to alleviate stress, reduce puffiness, enhance blood circulation and relieve pain in the facial area.  Those with TMJ and Jaw pain will especially benefit from this relaxing treatment. Gentle, extra-thin needles are inserted into different areas of the face and jaw.  This is followed by a soothing facial massage with organic Argan oil and a rose quartz gua sha tool.
45 Minutes. $50.