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Introduction to Hillcrest Community Acupuncture

Welcome to Hillcrest Community Acupuncture’s blog. In this blog I hope to inspire, inform and educate you about the many benefits acupuncture can provide. I am passionate about helping people heal without medicine or invasive surgery, and know that there are many illnesses that can be not only treated but can possibly be prevented by a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

Who am I? My name is Sacha Landreneau and I have been an acupuncturist for almost 12 years. I studied acupuncture at New York College of Health Professions in New York and Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. I was in private practice for many years and fell in love with the community acupuncture model because I saw it as a way to make acupuncture affordable. At Hillcrest Community Acupuncture we provide professional treatments while taking advantage of a group healing space. This also allows a space where family and friends can come in for treatments at the same time.

Acupuncture is such an amazing medicine and I look forward to educating more people about its many benefits.

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