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Gifts of Health & Wellness

Here at HCA our goal is to help as many people as we can to feel like their optimum self. In addition to our quality and affordable acupuncture treatments, we also offer a number of health and wellness products designed to help treat whatever issues you may be experiencing. The holidays are the perfect time to share these health benefits with your friends and family! You may be familiar with some of these products already, and we’ve also added some great holiday specials and essential oil sets. Here are a few of our recommendations if you’re looking to treat yourself or a loved one to some healthy gifts!

If you know someone who you feel could benefit from an acupuncture treatment, or you know that they love coming here, gift certificates are always a great option!


The Pure Wave Cordless Massager from Pado offers relief from life’s aches and pains. With adjustable speed and 6 attachments specifically designed for different points on your body, you’re able to customize your massage to ensure the best results for your individual needs. Many of us here at HCA have one of these massagers, and can attest to their effectiveness!

Read more about the Pure Wave Cordless Massager here:

We also offer a great selection of high quality Essential Oils from doTerra, which can help treat a number of mental, emotional, and even physical conditions.

Common uses for these products include:

  1. Insomnia, anxiety, and depression

  2. Digestive issues

  3. PMS and menstrual disorders

  4. Enhancing focus and brain function

  5. Infections

  6. Skin conditions

  7. Even soothing a common toothache!

Essential Oils can be used around the house as well, replacing household cleaners and even offering pest control!

Whether you’re treating yourself or giving to another, our holiday deals and sets make the perfect gift!


The doTERRA Introductory Kit contains 5ml bottles of Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint, which are some of the most popular and commonly used oils. Lavender is often used to calm the body and help with sleep, but also acts as a disinfectant and pain reliever for scrapes and cuts. Lemon offers powerful cleansing and purifying properties and has many uses. Add a few drops to  a glass of drinking water to cleanse the body, use around the house as a surface cleaner and odor neutralizer, or mix with honey to relieve a sore throat. Peppermint soothes an upset stomach, and can be rubbed into sore muscles or joints for pain and discomfort. Combine all three in a diffuser to help ease allergy symptoms.


We’re also offering a free essential oil carrying case with a purchase of any 6 regular priced oils. These cases are perfect for travel, they hold 6 bottles up to 15ml in size. We have 3 colors available, this offer is valid while supplies last.


doTERRA’s Sunsational Flavors is a limited edition set, which contains 4 different 5ml oils. Each oil can be used not only in aromatherapy, but to enhance your cooking flavors!

Dill, Cumin, Tangerine, and Spearmint may taste amazing, but each oil also provides its own health benefits such as aiding digestion, purifying the body, and building the immune system.


The range of oils in this set allows for a wide variety of aromatic, topical, and internal uses! This set is available only for a limited time, so be sure to check it out!

Though some oils, like the ones shown above, can be taken internally or applied topically, the most common use is for aromatherapy and they are often paired with a diffuser. We offer several options ranging in size, style, and price.

This month only, buy any diffuser and essential oil together and receive a free 5ml Wild Orange oil! (While supplies last, deal ends New Years Day)


Essential Oils are also very effective with children, and diffusing at night is a great way to ensure they receive a healthy dose. These fun diffusers from Creature Comforts are perfect for any child’s bedroom and, in addition to the issues listed above, certain oils can help those commonly experienced by children such as ADD/ADHD, sleeplessness, problems focusing, negative or unbalanced moods, and a lack of energy. As mentioned in our past post about boosting the immune system, diffusing oils like doTERRA’s OnGuard formula can help prevent and treat illnesses such as colds and the flu which are so commonly picked up at school.

We also offer free classes on using Essential Oils for medicinal purposes, beauty and skincare, balancing emotions, and as household cleaners. If you have decided to pick up some oils yourself, or have gifted them to a loved one, these classes are a great way to learn about using them for a number of different purposes! Check out our Special Events page for upcoming classes, or request a date/schedule a private class for you and friends!

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