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Healing with Dit Da Jow

As the popularity of acupuncture increases in the western world, it opens the doors to the wonders of Chinese medicine. More and more people are broadening their sights beyond what has long been considered “traditional medicine” in their mind, and are branching out to different modalities. Even so, people often find themselves in an acupuncturists’ office only once “all else has failed”, or they have grown tired of endless surgeries and medications. We tend to hear phrases like “I’ll try anything”, or “What do I have to lose?”, as they enter their session with no expectations of relief. But as more people are experiencing the effectiveness of acupuncture, it is allowing them to see the benefits of Chinese medicine as a whole and be more open to what else it has to offer.

The structure is similar between many different styles or medicine when you really look at it. You have your consultations to determine the root cause of your symptoms, followed by a treatment to address the problem. And where your doctor might prescribe you medications, your acupuncturist might instead recommend herbal formulas. If you have visited an acupuncture clinic, chances are they have discussed herbal options to help treat whatever is ailing you. And if you have tried them yourself, you can probably attest to their results! Here at the clinic we offer premade formulas from Evergreen, which are available in a large variety to suit the patient’s needs. You may have also have visited an apothecary and received raw herbs, teas, or tinctures to ingest. The benefits of these herbs aren’t only received internally though; Chinese herbs have wonderful topical applications as well!

Dit Da Jow is an analgesic liniment that works wonders for bruises and sore or aching muscles. It is a special formula of herbs that reduce inflammation and swelling, relieve pain, improve circulation, and help the injury to heal faster. Similarly to a tincture, it is made by soaking the herbs in alcohol and allowing them to brew for an extended period of time. Many who make these liniments actually allow it to age for several years, creating a more potent formula. This solution can then be applied over bruised or inflamed skin, or massaged into sore muscles.

Dit Da Jow

It is favored by martial artists, particularly those training in the Iron Palm technique. Whether or not you are a martial artist yourself, Dit Da Jow can definitely benefit you. San Diegans tend to lead active lifestyles; constant sunshine allows for a number of outdoor activities to take advantage of. Now that we’re in Spring, and heading into Summer, we find ourselves dedicating more and more time to our “fun in the sun” and taking every chance we can get to be outside. And though you may enjoy surfing, swimming, hiking, running, and playing various sports, there is no doubt that these can all take a toll on the body. We see a constant flow of patients in the clinic who are coming in for treatments to help with broken bones, sprains, sore or pulled muscles, and various other injuries. And while acupuncture can definitely help with those things, using a liniment like Dit Da Jow on the injured area will assist with the healing process, and provide relief from the pain.

If you’re an athlete, or simply an active individual who finds yourself dealing with sore muscles and bruises regularly, a product like this should have a home in your medicine cabinet. You’ll be back on your feet and out in the San Diego sun in no time!

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